Sunday, April 05, 2009

In Barack Obama's America...

The president of the United States gets to tell bank CEOs when they can and can't pay back loans from the federal government;

the President of the United States gets to decide which companies are important enough for him to remove CEOs and install his own people to "fix" said company, even if his own people know nothing about that company or industry;

a "community organizing" group under investigation for fraud all over the country (fraud which, somehow, always seems to benefit the President's political party) gets to help conduct the census, and the census will be managed by a sampling expert, though the Supreme Court has already ruled that "sampling" for purposes of taking the census is unconstitutional;

the "newspaper of record" voluntarily kills well-sourced stories about the connection between a certain presidential candidate and that same fraud-mongering "community organizing" group, while making ill-founded gossip about the other candidate front page news; and

the Attorney General can ignore an opinion issued by the (partisan and politically like-minded) Office of Legal Counsel regarding the constitutionality of a bill, if that opinion doesn't jive with the AG's (or the president's) political objectives;

...and nobody in the mainstream media bats an eye.

It must be so nice to be a Democrat!

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