Sunday, April 05, 2009

Europe Surprisingly Resistant to Our Dear Leader's Hopenchange

Despite President Obama's best efforts to show the European elite just how little he thinks of the country that just elected him president (the same country of which his wife was never proud until it showed her husband some electoral love), Europe's response to the Messiah's request for more troops in Afghanistan (the good war, remember?) was a resounding "Screw you, buddy!"

Which, if memory serves, was the same response that President Bush got. So much for the idea that the election of Barack Obama would make the world love us again. In fact, it seems to this observer that Europe doesn't give a rat's ass about helping the U.S. fight a war no matter who is in charge! And if that's true, then I figure we might as well skip the part where the President of the United States shits all over his own country and go back to kicking al Qaeda ass all on our own.

Let the Europeans sneer at America and call us a bunch of cowboys. We all know whom they'll go to begging for help when their Islamic chickens come home to roost.

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