Saturday, April 04, 2009

Changey Diplomacy: French Edition

Having dazzled the Brits by lavishing the prime minister and the queen with unplayable DVDs and an iPod, respectively, the President-Who-Will-Restore-America's-World-Image has moved on to France. There, at a press conference, he deftly demonstrated his respect for another of the world's oldest democracies by taking questions only from American reporters and ignoring the French.

President Obama held a much ballyhooed town hall in Strasbourg, France, on Friday, touted by the White House as an outreach to Europeans on the second leg of the president's "listening" tour.

But the first person he called on was an American -- and the third, too. By the end of the hourlong session, not a single French citizen got to ask the U.S. president a question.

Brilliant! Diplomacy by pettiness and the art of the snub. Good thing we're rid of that tone-deaf rube from Texas.

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