Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Statism So Statist That Even Statist European Statesmen State: "Too Statist!"

Big Government pols in Europe have weighed in once again on the Democrats' $2 Trillion Big Government "stimulus" boondoggle. Simply put, it's "the road to Hell."

EU Head Mirek Topolanek suggested his American friends stop and take a look at history before sinking government talons into every facet of the economy and punishing market activity.

Topolanek, who is also prime minister of a former Soviet Bloc state, ought to have some perspective on the matter.


Scott said...

Topolanek might due better to wonder why his own country booted him out, but hey, take all the advice you want from this guy.

Benedick said...

Well, since he's presently the prime minister of "his own country," your "booted him out" comment doesn't really make sense.

Moreover, your dismissal of the man's opinion (presumably because he disagrees with Teleprompter Jesus on matters of economic policy) misses the point entirely. He grew up in a country that was ground into economic dust by left-wing, government control of the economy. Therefore, his criticism of a left-wing economic policy that has among its central tenets the expansion of government control of the economy, has a notable foundation.