Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Q: How Do You Know Joe Biden Is Saying Something Stupid?

A: His lips are moving.

Which leads me to my next question. When Joe Biden recently thanked Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero for all of his and Spain's help in Iraq, was he aware that Zapatero was the guy who, upon his election, pulled Spain's troops out of Iraq faster than you can say el cowardissimo, thereby assisting the U.S. Democrats -- Joey Hairplugs included -- in their bid to lose that war on President Bush's watch? Or is Biden just as pig-ignorant and unprepared to be a vice-president as the mainstream media told us Sarah Palin would be?

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Clinton left another pile of diplomatic dog droppings in our backyard. Free advice for Madame Secretary: when you visit another country's holy site, one famous for displaying an item considered to be a miracle, do do some research on the item before you talk to the locals, and don't ask stupid questions that might insult your audience.

I mean, it's not like Mexico's going to start a war with us over Hillary's ignorance of the miraculous cloak's history, but since these are the kind of amateur-hour goofs that Democrats always pestered George Bush about, I think it's fair to expect better of the head of the Smarter Diplomacy department (and former "co-president") Mrs. Clinton.

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