Wednesday, March 25, 2009

$orry, $orry, $orry

I hope an Obama administration spokesperson can rationally explain how cutting the wealthiest one-percent of tax-payers' ability to write-off donations to charitable organizations by eleven percent (read: hundreds of millions of dollars) won't result in thousands of non-profit, research, and private foundation job losses.

"Obama rejected this claim, saying there 'was very little evidence' to suggest there would be a significant drop in donations as a result of the tax increase."

Sorry, genome.
Sorry, AIDS.
Sorry, diabetes.
Sorry, homeless.
Sorry, drug addicts.
Sorry, cancer.
Sorry, Africa.
Sorry, cystic fibrosis.
Sorry, Boys Club.
Sorry, Katrina victims.
Sorry, sickle cell.
Sorry, Lou Gehrig's Disease.
Sorry, Habitat For Humanity.
Sorry, Bill & Melinda Gates.
Sorry, environment.
Sorry, Alzheimer's.
Sorry, Warren Buffett.
Sorry, Jerry's Kids.
Sorry, 9/11 Victims.
Sorry, Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans.
Sorry, ASPCA.
Sorry, first responders.

Don't think of it as unemployment. Think of it as.... Patriotism?

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