Friday, January 30, 2009

Congratulations to House Republicans

...for finally locating their manly bits and voting down en masse (along with eleven brave Democrats) the ridiculously pork-laden "stimulus" bill.

I mean, I'm no economist, but I'm at a loss to explain how giving a trillion dollars to such job-creating enterprises as STD education, global warming research, ACORN and other "community organizing" groups, the National Endowment of the Arts, and other Democrat-favored goodies, will get our economy zooming again. These 200 guys, who are economists, can't figure it out either.

But hey, as President Obama reminded everybody a few days ago, he won.

Yep, you sure did, buddy. And for now at least, this turd of a "stimulus" is all yours.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Worthy Proposal

Via Ponnuru at NRO's The Corner:

Rep. John Carter, a Texas Republican, sent out a press release earlier today about his innovative new bill:

"Rangel Rule"

All U.S. taxpayers would enjoy the same immunity from IRS penalties and interest as House Ways and Means Chairman Charles Rangel (D-NY) and Obama Administration Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, if a bill introduced today by Congressman John Carter (R-TX) becomes law.

Carter, a former longtime Texas judge, today introduced the Rangel Rule Act of 2009, HR 735, which would prohibit the Internal Revenue Service from charging penalties and interest on back taxes against U.S. citizens. Under the proposed law, any taxpayer who wrote “Rangel Rule” on their return when paying back taxes would be immune from penalties and interest.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Don't Believe Your Lyin' Eyes

Dateline: Washington DC
Former Vice President Al Gore urged lawmakers Wednesday not to let the economic crisis get in the way of addressing global warming.

Testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the Nobel Peace Prize winner said Congress should pass President Barack Obama's economic stimulus package as a first step to bringing greenhouse gases under control.
Meanwhile, mere blocks away . . .
Most public school systems in the Washington area closed Wednesday. D.C's public school system was the exception, opening two hours late.

Side streets and sidewalks throughout the region were icy. Some major roadways, including the Dulles Toll Road, were described as a sheet of ice.

A winter storm warning for the D.C. metro area expired at noon.

As is typical with snowy or icy weather, transportation agencies asked people not to venture out.
I know, I know. If it's hot, it's global warming. If it's cold, it's "climate change." Either way, "The Consensus" wins, man's to blame, and the only solution is to end capitalism. Q.E.D.

We get it.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hope. Change. Bail.

I'm not sure why these mugshots are funny.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

They just are.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Post-Racial America

Having triumphed over the racial oppression of our past, our post-racial president is getting to work.  Meanwhile, the Black Artists Association is pissed off that First Lady Michelle Obama had the, ahem, audacity to wear dresses designed by Whitey.

Yes We Can?


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chimperor Obama Continues To Murder Innocent Civilians

Will the Reign of Terror ever end?
Karzai's latest criticism follows a Saturday raid in Laghman province that the U.S. says killed 15 armed militants, including a woman with an RPG, but that Afghan officials say killed civilians.

Two women and three children were among the 16 dead civilians, Karzai said in a statement.

In Laghman's capital, hundreds of angry demonstrators denounced the U.S. military Sunday and demanded an end to overnight raids. U.S. military leaders, victims' relatives and Afghan officials - including two top Karzai advisers - met at the governor's compound to discuss the issue, Gov. Latifullah Mashal said.

"The U.S. military said 'We are sorry for this incident and after this we are going to coordinate our operations with Afghan forces,'" Mashal said.
Obviously, according to the same reasonable standard to which President Bush was held, Obama the cold-blooded butcher intended to kill these civilians.  War Crimes!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


"You don't give us tingles, anymore..."

Well, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself a little bit. I think it's safe to say that Chris Wallace -- and the media in general -- is still squarely in Barack Obama's corner.

Still, stories like this -- wherein President Obama jaunts down to the White House briefing room to say hello to the reporters and responds with a how dare you, you insolent peasant! look when one has the audacity to ask a substantive question about His Hopey's apparent breach of a campaign promise to keep lobbyists out of the White House -- suggest that the love affair may be in for some turbulent times. And I for one am going to thoroughly enjoy watching the bloom fall off this particular rose.

I also have a feeling I'm going to be playing the "Imagine the outcry if George Bush had done/said/acted like that" game quite a bit over the next few years.

Warmonger Obama Murders Innocent Civilians

Dateline Pakistan.
Six more bodies were recovered from the rubble of an Al-Qaeda den hit by a suspected US missile, pushing the death toll in two separate strikes to 21, security officials said Saturday.

"Six bodies of local tribesmen were found in the rubble of the house which was destroyed in a US missile strike on Friday just outside the town of Mir Ali in North Waziristan district," the official said.

On Friday officials said eight people including five foreigners -- Pakistani officials use the term "foreigners" to describe Al-Qaeda militants -- died in the missile strike at the house of a pro-Taliban tribesman near Mir Ali.

Hours later another suspected US drone fired two missiles into a house in Wana, the main town in South Waziristan, killing seven people.

The strikes were the first under new US President Barack Obama and effectively dashed any hopes that Pakistani officials were nurturing that the new administration in Washington will halt such strikes.
'Course, I suppose we should be thankful he didn't simply follow through on his pledge to invade. Yet.

Will there be no end to the bloodlust of his murderous regime?

Just A Friendly Reminder . . .

. . . that Obama's throngs of flag-waving, left-wing supporters are true patriots, all, and always have been.

Courtesy of Zombietime.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Madness of Jack Murtha

Jack Murtha, a Democrat Congressman representing portions of western Pennsylvania -- including, ironically, Shanksville, where Flight 93 went down on September 11, 2001 -- is in the news again. He is, evidently, doing backflips over President Barack Obama's efforts to close the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay and volunteering to put the terrorists in his constituents' backyards.

Just last week, then President-elect Obama admitted in a television interview that closing Gitmo was a more difficult proposition than most people recognize. That is because -- gasp! -- the people who are in Gitmo are crazy nasty terrorists who want to kill them some infidel Americans, and if you set them free, the likelihood is that they will come back and try again to do exactly that. In addition, many of these bad guys come from countries who outright refuse to take them back. So, where to send them?

Apparently, to Jack Murtha's district. Murtha, who made headlines years ago for possible bribery and definite corruption, and more recently for (falsely) accusing our Marines of cold-blooded murder and his own constituents of being a bunch of redneck racists, has volunteered to put his voters in harm's way by placing unrepentant terrorists in their towns and cities.

What this man will have to do for his constituents to finally fire him is beyond me.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So imagine having sex with your friend's young-ish grandma.

Entertainment wires are undulating with the news that the old vivacious ladies of Sex & The City have mostly finalized their deals for a sequel.
"Just months after the first movie adaptation of the hit TV series became a box office hit - making more than $400 million (GBP285 million) worldwide - producers have gathered [the original cast] together, and thrashed out lucrative agreements for them to reprise their roles."


Critical to the movie's financial backing will be strategic product placement including Metamucil, Boniva, Geritol, Miss Clairol, Calgon, KY and some sort of douche. In a related matter, an initial chunk of financial capital was secured by selling international rights to Geschlecht Mit Den älteren, a German pornographic conglomerate, who interpreted the first draft script as a hybrid Jewish-shiza film.


Once again, liberals demonstrate their magnanimity and maturity.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Congratulations, Mr. President

History was made today. We have reason to be proud. I'm assuredly wary of President Obama's policies and politics, but today is not a day for partisan sniping.

It's just too bad Obama's supporters at the Inauguration celebration don't feel the same way.

But we've come to expect this sort of thing.

New Politics, indeed.

Obligatory Light-Blogging Multi-Linky Post

Yeah, posting has been light for all of us this week. I know Benedick has been very busy dealing with real life stuff. As for me, what little free time I have is being dedicated to last-minute preparations for the new baby (due any day now), both at work and at home. Relatedly, I need to eat something, like, every 15 minutes, and that seriously crimps my blogging time.

But the globe continues to spin. Here's a quick rundown of some big news items from the last week:

President-elect Obama's pick for top Treasury post "forgot" to pay taxes. I think I'll try that this April and see if the President is as forgiving of me.

A Muslim leader scheduled to lead a prayer during P-E Obama's inauguration has ties to Hamas. That didn't stop the State Department or the Pentagon from meeting with her either. Gotta win the hearts and minds of those Hamas folks, and all. Speaking of which...

Israel calls a halt to the Gaza strikes. Hamas vows to fight on (presumably from whatever mosque, school or residential building it can find), but in the meantime is busy torturing Fatah folks.

A politically incorrect question: Do Hamas members - or their supporters - even have hearts or minds, let alone hearts and minds worth winning? But I digress...

Miracle in Manhattan. The pilot deserves a big fat bonus. I'm even considering flying US Air again, in his honor.

Tom Hanks says voting against gay marriage is un-American. If you're a Mormon, anyway. If you're black or Hispanic and vote against gay marriage, you get a pass, apparently. Also, more celebrities who think unity is great, so long as you are unified behind their guy.

Hey look: Joe Biden's wife has diarrhea of the mouth too. What a perfect match they are. Man, I'd have loved to see the look on Hillary's face when she realized she got Joey Hairplugs' sloppy seconds.

Righto. I think that about covers it. I'm off to work so that I can pay the U.S. government to keep the banks and automakers afloat. And to fund The Chosen One's unprecedentedly expensive inaugural events. At least I'll get free gas and someone to pay my mortgage now, though. And a unicorn! Unicorns for everybody!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sie Nahmen Die Kinder!!!

From the That's Why Department comes this:
"The three children were taken from their Holland Township home Tuesday night by New Jersey’s Division of Youth and Family Services. The big question is why?

Their parents, Heath and Deborah Campbell gave all three of their children Nazi-inspired names: Adolph Hitler Campbell, 3, Joyce Lynn Aryan Nation Campbell, 1, and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell, who will turn 1 in April....

The Campbells, in interviews, have said repeatedly that they’re not Nazi sympathizers or anything of the sort."

Mein Kake.
That's a relief. Even more exciting, rumor has it Mrs. Campbell might be expecting the couple's fourth lucky winner in the gene-pool lottery: Saddam Bin Eichmann Arafat von Mengele. Boy or Girl.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thought For the Day

Courtesy of William Penn's More Fruits of Solitude:

Death is but crossing the world, as friends do the seas; they live in one another still. For they must needs be present, that love and live in that which is omnipresent. In this divine glass, they see face to face; and their converse is free, as well as pure. This is the comfort of friends, that though they may be said to die, yet their friendship and society are, in the best sense, ever present, because immortal.

Monday, January 12, 2009

It Was A Nice Comeback (While It Lasted)

Mickey Rourke has been a well-known Hollywood actor since his breakthrough role in Body Heat. His work in Diner, Rumble Fish, The Pope of Greenwich Village, and Barfly (among others) solidified his marquee status. But in the early nineties, Rourke started to come apart at the seams a bit, immersing himself, alternately, in boxing and very bad plastic surgery. And largely disappearing from showbiz.

He's been on a comeback, though, since the 2005 release of Sin City, for which he received critical acclaim. Most recently, he's been the toast of the town for his leading role in the Oscar-nominated The Wrestler, for which he took home a Golden Globe last night.

Sadly, it appears, the comeback is about to fizzle. For Rourke had a renewed lapse in judgment not too long ago and, in an interview with GQ, he committed the unpardonable sin. He defended George Bush:
“President Bush was in the wrong place at the wrong time, I don”t know how anyone could have handled this situation… I don”t give a f**k who’’s in office, Bush or whoever, there is no simple solution to this problem… I’m not one of those who blames Bush for everything. This s**t between Christians and Muslims goes back to the Crusades, doesn’t it.”
Worse yet, he had the audacity to express concern regarding the spread of radical Islam:
"I was in London recently and I couldn’t believe all these hate-talking fanatics you have over here who are allowed to carry on doing their thing even when a bus full of women and children gets blown to pieces… I know you’ve deported one or two of them, but it seems crazy. I think there is worse to come, something terrible will happen to either America or the U.K., or France even. I don’t think these fundamentalists should be allowed to talk all this crap, and brainwashing these young kids.”
Bad move, Mickey. Fortunately it's too late for the Academy members to recall their votes (so you may yet take the Best Actor trophy this year). But your "darling" status is hereby revoked.

So This is What Happens When Members of the Beavis & Butthead Generation Grow Up and Reproduce...

After a few minutes of rummaging loudly in her toybox, our Piglet toddled into the living room last night, carrying a ball painted in the manner of Spiderman and a partially-deflated bright yellow beach-type ball. The conversation went thusly:

ME: "Whatcha got there, Piglet?"

PIGLET: "That's my two balls, Mommy!"

ME: [involuntarily drops voice, collapses into Beavis giggles] Heh. Heh heh. Hey Mr. G! She said "her two balls." Heh heh.

MR. G: [pauses]

MR. G: [contemplates me for a moment]

MR. G: Cool.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Global Warming Update

Pravda: Earth on the Brink of an Ice Age. I'm getting very confused about this Consensus we keep hearing about from liberal, anthropogenic-global-warming alarmists.

UPDATE: The Brits don't share my confusion. In a Quixotic gesture of love for the planet, they're banning big-screen plasma TVs. Apparently, the consensus is that watching footie on a smaller screen will lower the oceans and fortify polar bear populations.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Steyn Expands on Larry Miller

Yesterday Yorick linked to a great 2002 piece by comedian Larry Miller about the "state" of the "Palestinians."  Today on NRO, Mark Steyn has a more timely look not only at "Palestine," but more particularly on that state of Jew hatred around the world.  It's a must-read.

He begins:
In Toronto, anti-Israel demonstrators yell “You are the brothers of pigs!”, and a protester complains to his interviewer that “Hitler didn’t do a good job.”

In Fort Lauderdale, Palestinian supporters sneer at Jews, “You need a big oven, that’s what you need!”

In Amsterdam, the crowd shouts, “Hamas, Hamas! Jews to the gas!”

In Paris, the state-owned TV network France-2 broadcasts film of dozens of dead Palestinians killed in an Israeli air raid on New Year’s Day. The channel subsequently admits that, in fact, the footage is not from January 1st 2009 but from 2005, and, while the corpses are certainly Palestinian, they were killed when a truck loaded with Hamas explosives detonated prematurely while leaving the Jabaliya refugee camp in another of those unfortunate work-related accidents to which Gaza is sadly prone. Conceding that the Palestinians supposedly killed by Israel were, alas, killed by Hamas, France-2 says the footage was broadcast “accidentally.”

In Toulouse, a synagogue is firebombed; in Bordeaux, two kosher butchers are attacked; at the Auber RER train station, a Jewish man is savagely assaulted by 20 youths taunting, “Palestine will kill the Jews;” in Villiers-le-Bel, a Jewish schoolgirl is brutally beaten by a gang jeering, “Jews must die.”
There much more at the link.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Weekend Reading

Some years ago comedian Larry Miller wrote an excellent essay on the state of the Middle East and the, ahem, Palestinian plight. Its relevance remains indelible:
"Just reverse the numbers. Imagine five hundred million Jews and five million Arabs. I was stunned at the simple brilliance of it. Can anyone picture the Jews strapping belts of razor blades and dynamite to themselves? Of course not. Or marshalling every fiber and force at their disposal for generations to drive a tiny Arab state into the sea? Nonsense. Or dancing for joy at the murder of innocents? "
It's an amazing read. Read it. NOW.

"When this bullshit is over, I shall become comptroller!"

"The Jews Have Gone Crazy"

The Arabs are getting nervous. They were expecting Israel to do it's usual, quick-offensive-then-succomb-to-international-pressure routine. Only Israel isn't backing off this time. Uh oh.
Israel may have reached a deterrent moment in its war in Gaza against Iranian-backed Hamas. I spoke with a senior Arab diplomat last night. He told me that the Arab street is afraid that "the Jews have gone crazy."

Yes, it's true. He noted, "Israel has begun to restore its deterrence" in the Arab world. "Hamas miscalculated," he added. They had thought Israel would not attack, but would merely accede to tougher Hamas demands for an improved "Tahdiya," their version of a temporary calm.

This is perhaps one of the more optimistic assessments I have heard from Arab colleagues recently. There is supporting documentation. Hizbullah's immediate public denial yesterday of the Katusha rocket attack from Southern Lebanon against Israel's North and the reports on Lebanese TV of convoys of Lebanese (read: Hizbullah) vehicles moving north in expectation of a major Israeli reprisal strengthens this sense.

It's also notable that Al Jazeera's reportage yesterday avoided interviewing ordinary Gazans. Arab sources in Gaza confided that the public anger is not directed at Israel any more than it is at Hamas. Al Jazeera, doing a superb job as PR agents for Iran's proxies, likely wanted to avoid risking those types of reactions from the battlefield.

The source also said that Hamas is "doing very bad things" to Fatah activists in Gaza both as revenge against claims that Fatah leadership provided intelligence to Israel, and as a warning to Fatah to avoid the temptation of being convinced by Egypt, the US and the West that they reassert control in Gaza.

Fatah officials in the West Bank are also demoralized. Nasser Juma'a, a Palestinian Legislative Council Member from Nablus told a well known British reporter yesterday that the "Hamas are insects" and noted that the Palestinians would likely not see a Palestinian state in his lifetime." Qadura Fares, a Fatah senior, said that the PA would not succeed either in the West Bank or Gaza without "tackling the privileges of the Fatah elite, who he said "have become like princes."
Funny that they should call the Israelis "crazy." I think that translates into, "Holy shit, they actually want to win." If often been said that Europe hates Israel because it cannot countenance the notion of Jews who shoot back. Arabs used to understand well the concept of Jews who shoot back. Let's hope they're re-learning it.

h/t Power Line

In Which Piglet Teaches Her Father A Lesson About Overreaching

Every night before I take her to her room, read her a few books and tuck her in, we let our 2 1/2 year old daughter snuggle with us in our bed. She sucks down a cup of warm milk, hides underneath the pillows, and exercises her considerable skill in manipulating us into letting her stay up "just two more minutes peeeeeez Mommy."

Last night, she brought out the big guns. When I started to insist that she march into her room NOW, she looked up at me and, in her sweetest, most preciously artful way, announced, "Mommy's pretty."

ME: [taken aback] "What did you say?"

PIGLET: "Mommy's pretty."

ME: "Oh. Well. Thanks. You're pretty too."

MR G.: [clearly jealous] "What about me, Piglet?"

PIGLET: [pause] "Daddy's pretty."

ME: "Honey, how about instead you tell Daddy he's handsome?"

PIGLET: "Daddy's han sum!"

ME: "How about, 'Daddy's gorgeous'?"

PIGLET: "Daddy's goh juss!"

MR. G: [sensing opportunity] "How about, 'Daddy's an Adonis?'"

PIGLET: [looking at me quizzically, unsure of this new word]

ME: "'A-don-is', honey. Go ahead, tell Daddy."

PIGLET: "Daddy's a dum ass."

ME: [stifling a giggle]

MR. G: [glaring murderously at us]

PIGLET: "Daddy's a dum ass! Daddy's a dum ass! [smiling sweetly and nodding in earnestness] A dum ass, yes!"

ME: [in laughter-induced tears]

MR. G: "I can't wait till my son gets here."

Meanwhile, Across the Pond....

I lived in Jolly Olde England for a year back in the mid-1990s. Spent my junior year of college in Oxford, one of the loveliest cities I have had the privilege to visit: drenched in history, rich in the culture of knowledge for knowledge's sake, and replete with "Dreamy Spires." (Not to mention about 600 pubs per square kilometer, which was way cool too.) For a long time, I had every intention of spending the rest of my life in England.

But, life happens, and plans changed. I have no regrets. Particularly not now, when I see what has become of the country I once felt was my second home -- and thought about making my first home. Melanie Phillips of the London Spectator relays eyewitness accounts from various anti-Israel activities throughout England's capital city:

... As we crossed from the station and walked towards the embassy, we were greeted by lunatics waving Hamas and Hezbollah flags. In front of us walked a young man, wearing a kippah. He got out of his bag and Israeli flag and was immediately taken to the side by two police officers. After questioning him for about 10 minutes, he was issued a caution ... - it stated that by getting out an Israeli flag he was causing provocation to the pro Palestinian demonstration.

....The hatred from the pro-Hamas side [directed at the Israel Solidarity Rally] was intense. They hurled the most wicked abuse imaginable, and threw objects. Some of their number tried to break through the barrier. Thankfully the police had undertaken searches because some of the Hamas supporters had arrived at their demonstration with bricks and knives. One of their lot came over and spat at a young Jewish boy who had been minding his own business. ...

....I witnessed crowds of very angry white, middle-class, respectable Britons wearing keffiyahs and piling onto the Tube from the very start of the Northern Line in faraway Barnet. As my train approached Charing Cross station I realized that if I had identified myself as sympathetic to Israel’s plight I might have been attacked. In Trafalgar Square itself thousands of even angrier people milled about; young men in keffiyahs chanted epithets against Zionists, their fury accompanied by placards with Stars of David superimposed on swastikas and slogans denouncing genocidal, war criminal Israel.

...One priceless poster said ‘Let Iran Have Nuclear Weapons.’ ... Next to me several young Muslims in green Hamas scarves wielding large sticks were booked by the police. Later a large crowd of some 5,000 infuriated protesters descended on the Israeli consulate, burned Israeli flags, and hurled missiles whilst another crowd threw hundreds of shoes at Downing Street.

Phillips offers the following recommendation to England's ruling class, which so far seems reluctant to speak out against this type of thuggery. I can't say it any better:

It is certainly not enough to tolerate ‘anti-extremist’ Muslim advisers who issue veiled threats of violence unless Britain stops supporting Israel. In view of the rising violence and intimidation on the streets in general and towards Jews in particular, senior politicians have a duty now to speak out in defence of Israel against the lies that are inciting this hatred and to deplore the incendiary and false media coverage. They have a duty to tell the British Muslim community publicly and in terms that they have swallowed decades of lies and libels about Israel and the Jewish people and that that sits at the very core of the extremism that has taken them over. They have a duty to say that while free speech is precious, intimidation and thuggery will not be tolerated. And mean it.

For silence is complicity, as once gentle, decent, civilised Britain changes before our horrified eyes into something very ugly indeed.

Via Protein Wisdom.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

The World According to Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter was so monumentally wrong on virtually every important issue that came before him during his presidency, that I am baffled anyone listens to him -- let alone seeks out his advice or opinions on world affairs. And yet, there he is, with a sweet little editorial in the Washington Post today, explaining -- as he unfailingly manages to do, every single time -- why the Middle East conflict is all the fault of those nasty Jews.

In Jimmy's world, the tunnels used by Hamas terrorists to smuggle arms and suicide bombers were "defensive" in nature. In Jimmy's world, Hamas -- whose charter explicitly calls for the extermination of Jews and the eradication of Israel -- was really, really hot for a cease-fire, but the Israelis wouldn't go for it. In Jimmy's world, Israel broke the "peace" -- "peace" being defined as a cease-fire in which Hamas never actually ceased firing rockets into Israel.

I could go on, but you get the idea. It's Jimmy's world. We all just live in it.

Peace-Loving Muslims (Who Do Not Fetishize Death) Celebrate Ashura In Style!

Little Achmed's first Ashura skull slice.

Little Achmed's sister, Amatulla, has done this before.
See how much kids love the holidays?!

Mohammed Jr. thinks about how great it will be
to grow up and negotiate peace with Israel.

"You stick the kniiife in . . . you pull the kniiife out . . .
you stick the kniiife in, and you twist it all about . . . ."

Mustafa wishes you a peaceful, rationale, totally non-blood-thirsty Ashura.

Yusif re-enacts the prom scene from 1976 horror classic, "Carrie."

Big Porn: Bail Us Out!

There's a "stimulus" joke in here somewhere, but, as I'm too much of a lady to make it, I shall let my beer-swilling, hairy-chested, manly-man brethren do the honors.

Benedick? Yorick? All yours.

BENEDICK ADDS: Mark Steyn has taken care of it.

Israel Update: Enter Hezbollah?

As Israel continues to battle Hamas in Gaza, its northern civilians -- specifically, elderly Jews in a nursing home -- sustained rocket fire from Lebanon, where Hamas's fellow terrorist group and Iran proxy, Hezbollah, runs the show. Israeli officials say they believe the attacks were from "small Islamic groups" as opposed to Hezbollah. Still, while Israel doubtless would like to focus on one terrorist threat at a time, it is prepared to open a second front up north, should Hezbollah decide to relive its 2006 glory days.

Speaking of which, it bears mention that there is a cease-fire in place between Lebanon and Israel dating from 2006. That cease-fire was breached yesterday, with rocket attacks. Aimed at a nursing home. Full of civilians. Fired not in response to any actions by Israel against Lebanon, but simply because someone in Lebanon -- and we don't yet know who -- wants to "show support" for Hamas in Gaza.

World reaction? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Meanwhile, because it knows that Hamas intentionally hides its fighters and weapons in civilian locations (including UN-run schools), so as to purposely increase civilian Palestinian deaths, Israel has been sending cell phone messages and dropping leaflets on areas in Gaza that it plans to attack (so long, element of surprise), warning civilians to leave. It also stopped the bombing for a few hours yesterday to allow in humanitarian aid -- some of which will doubtless sustain enemy forces.

World reaction? This lady summed it up nicely.

Facing an enemy that does all it can to intentionally harm civilians (Israeli and Palestinian), Israel still goes out of its way to avoid striking civilians. And yet, the world routinely condemns Israel but gives pro-Palestinian terrorists a free pass.

I don't understand it. I will never understand it.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Tell Us How You Really Feel, Derb

John Derbyshire does not mince words.  In light of the current conflict in Gaza, today he re-posted his 2002 national Review piece, "Why Don't I Care About the Palestinians?".  Brace yourself.  A snippet:
Everywhere you look around the Arab world you see squalor, despotism, cruelty, and hopelessness. The best they have been able to manage, politically speaking, has been the Latin-American style one-party kleptocracies of Egypt and Jordan. Those are the peaks of Arab political achievement under independence, under government by their own people. The norm is just gangsterism, with thugs like Assad, Qaddafi, or Saddam in charge. It doesn't seem to be anything to do with religion: the secular states (Iraq, Syria) are just as horrible as the
religious ones like Saudi Arabia. These people are hopeless. We are all supposed to support the notion of a Palestinian state. Why? We know perfectly well what it would be like. Why should we wish for another gangster-satrapy to be added to the Arab roll of shame, busy manufacturing terrorists to come here and slaughter Americans in their offices? I don't want to see a Palestinian state. I think I'd be crazy to want that.

Read the whole impatient, exasperated, snarky thing.

All They Want Is Peace

Pro-Palestinian protesters in Florida: "Go back to the oven, Jews!"

Nice sentiment. Can't imagine why Jews would want, you know, a homeland.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Was Dr. Phil Unavailable?

The Washington Post reports that CNN contributor Doctor Sanjay Gupta has been offered a newly minted "highest-profile" surgeon general position within the everything-1992-to-2000-is-new-again Obama cabinet.
The offer followed a two-hour Chicago meeting in November with Obama, who said that Gupta could be the highest-profile surgeon general in history and would have an expanded role in providing health policy advice, the sources said. Gupta later spoke with Tom Daschle, Obama's White House health czar and nominee for Health and Human Services secretary, and other advisers to the president-elect.

The Michigan-born son of parents who were born in India, Gupta has always been drawn to health policy. He was a White House fellow in the late 1990s, writing speeches and crafting policy for Hillary Clinton. His appointment would give the administration a prominent official of South Asian descent and a skilled television spokesman.
Personally, I'm excited. Sure Gupta hasn't decoded the human genome, created retro-viral therapies, cured AIDS or written any binding public health policy that has saved or improved the quality of American lives. Sure he makes his present living filing reports and advocating whichever fair & balanced view of the medical community or our "suffering" planet brings in the best Nielsen ratings. Sure the biographical thumb-nails littering the press-releases (see above) note that Gupta wrote policy speeches for Hillary Clinton in the 1990s which contributed to her abysmal attempt at legislating universal healthcare. We must overlook Gupta's agenda-less hullaballoo and admit one thing: he looks pretty sharp.

Should something unfortunate happen in the vetting process, a la Richardson, I am happy to sub in the following camera friendly nominees:

1. Doctor Phil: He loves Oprah. Oprah loves Obama. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

2. Doctor Doom: Talk about accomplishments. Not only is he the sitting monarch of Latveria (hello diversity-cred) he has invented any number of original devices and society-advancing/life-saving gadgets including, but not limited to the Bio-Enhancer, Enlarger Ray, the Null-Time Sequencer, the Psycho-Prism, the Time Platform, the Freeze Grenade, the Deflection Staff, and — most importantly — the eco-friendly Energy Fist. Most Americans would rather willingly get a flu-shot over the suggestion of being transdimensionally teleported into a microverse. Seriously.

3. Medical Droid 2-1B: He's a loner, Dottie. He's a rebel. Not only was he the head of surgery in Echo Base on Hoth, he defected from the Evil Galactic Empire on planet Wor Tandell — this only after tending to the mortal wounds of Lord Cuvir, an assassinated Imperial governor 2-1B would later recall as "Not cool." His medical skill set runs the gamut of tending to Wampa-inflicted facial lacerations to seemlessly attaching a cybernetic hand to a lightsabered stump. Bottom line: he knows his way around a bacta tank. On the plus side, for any incoming administration, 2-1B is a droid and — despite the heuristic processors — can be programmed to disseminate any brand of fashionable science.

Read It and Puke

The Berkeley Lefties are suddenly patriotic again.

Thought experiment: While the Code-Pinksters and other assorted left-wing moonbats are out waving their factory-fresh American flags during Obama's inauguration, suppose some right-wing opponent of Obama's policies went out into the street and burned an American flag while toting a placard portraying Obama as a monkey.

Would the assembled throng of Obamaniacs respect his freedom of speech?

Important Notice

Disagreement with the actions of the Israeli government is never a feature of anti-semitism:
PARIS (AP) - Signs are mounting that the conflict in Gaza is starting to spill over into violence in Europe's towns and cities, with assaults against Jews and arson attacks on Jewish congregations in France, Sweden and Britain.

Assailants rammed a burning car into the gates of a synagogue in Toulouse, in southwest France, on Monday night. A Jewish congregation in Helsingborg, in southern Sweden, also was attacked Monday night by someone who "broke a window and threw in something that was burning," said police spokesman Leif Nilsson. Neighbors alerted rescue services before the fire took hold.

Someone also started a blaze outside the premises last week. And on Sunday slogans including "murderers ... You broke the cease-fire" and "don't subject Palestine to ethnic cleansing" were daubed on Israel's embassy in Stockholm.

In Denmark, a 27-year-old Dane born in Lebanon of Palestinian parents is alleged to have injured two young Israelis last week, opening fire with a handgun in a shooting that police suspect could be linked to the Gaza crisis.

Europe: As safe for the Jews as it's always been. Kind of makes you wonder why they don't try and get themselves a homeland somewhere.


What did Democrat Congressional leaders know about aggressive interrogation (read: "torture") of terrorists in U.S. custody?

Quite a lot.

When did they know it? Seven years ago.

What did they do about? Nada.

Funny how they weren't outraged until this became public information.

So with all the talk from the Left about criminally prosecuting members of the Bush administration who knew about waterboarding, let's just make sure we remember to put Nancy Pelosi, John Rockefeller, Bob Graham, and Jane Harman in the dock as well.

Galactic Growth

A new study says our Milky Way Galaxy has expanded:
For decades, astronomers thought when it came to the major galaxies in Earth's cosmic neighborhood, our Milky Way was a weak sister to the larger Andromeda. Not anymore.

The Milky Way is considerably larger, bulkier and spinning faster than astronomers once thought, Andromeda's equal.

Scientists mapped the Milky Way in a more detailed, three-dimensional way and found that it's 15 percent larger in breadth. More important, it's denser, with 50 percent more mass, which is like weight.
Al Gore issued a statement:
For a number of years, 110% of scientists have agreed that mankind's consumption
of fossil fuels is raising our planet's sea levels, generating hurricanes, melting ice caps, killing polar bears, activating volcanoes, destabilizing gravity, and making Jesus cry. We have now reached a consensus that humanity's greed is also expanding the Milky Way. Ladies and gentlemen, our galaxy has a fever. And the only cure is . . . more cowbell.
So be sure and use energy-efficient lightbulbs. For the sake of the galaxy.

A Voice in the Wilderness

Today electronic media mogul Andrew Breitbart launched his new website, Big Hollywood. Here's how Breitbart describes it:
On Tuesday, I launch Big Hollywood, a big group blog that will feature hundreds of the big minds from the fields of politics, journalism, entertainment and culture.

Big Hollywood is not a “celebrity” gabfest or a gossip outpost - it is a continuous politics and culture posting board for those who think something has gone drastically wrong and that Hollywood should return to its patriotic roots.

Big Hollywood’s modest objective: to change the entertainment industry. To make Hollywood something we can believe in - again. In order to give millions of Americans hope.

Until conservatives, libertarians and Republicans - who will be the lion’s share of Big Hollywood’s contributors - recognize that (pop) culture is the big prize and that politics is secondary, there will be no victory in this important battle.
Initial contributors to the site include crime novelist Andrew Klavan ("True Crime"); Power Line blogger (and prominent attorney) Scott Johnson; veteran actor Orson Bean ("Being John Malkovich," "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman"); national sportswriter Steve Mason; reality TV producer Melanie Graham; and writer and comedian Tom Shillue ("The Daily Show").

Breitbart expects to attract broad contributions from across the pop-culture spectrum. It's certainly something to keep an eye on.

Monday, January 05, 2009

A Message To The Minnesota Electorate

Way to go, idiots.

BENEDICK ADDS: According to Power Line, there's still hope for a sane result.

Anatomy of a Rube

How were so many wealthy, successful, even intelligent investors taken in and massively defrauded by Bernie Madoff? One of Madoff's victims, Stephen Greenspan is a psychologist who just happens to specialize in human gullibility. In today's WSJ, he provides a lively summary of what he deems to be the four factors that drive these sorts of foolish decisions: situation, cognition, personality, and emotion.

Making things more interesting, he uses himself as a case study to examine how each factor contributed to the decision to make the unwise investment. And he doesn't go easy on himself. Fascinating stuff.

Just When I Was Getting On Board With "Change"

Nancy Pelosi pulls this. And by "this," I mean rewriting House rules to bar Republicans from offering alternative bills or amendments to Democrat bills, and preventing open debate of Democrat-initiated legislation. Among other things.

Hooray for Democracy.

Change I Actually Can Believe In?

Obama's apparently revising his bailout plan to include -- get this -- tax cuts to individuals and businesses. Apparently the steadfast resistance of GOP members of Congress to the initial plan is paying off.

If this passes, Obama can later take credit for the inevitable increase in revenues, which would at least partially offset the cost of the bailout. (Of course, he'll have to find a way to do so without abandoning the liberal dogma that cutting taxes can't possibly benefit the government's bottom line.)

What's That Nasty Stink Coming from Obama's Cabinet?

Huh. I had no idea that hope and change smelled so much like pay-for-play politics and apparent Clintonian corruption.

BENEDICK ADDS: Remember in 2006 when Pelosi and Reid assured us they were going to change the "culture of corruption" in American politics? I see now what they meant. Blago. Jefferson. Rangel. Richardson. Dodd. Kilpatrick. Hastings. Wilkerson. Nice work.

Hope and Change in the Middle East?

A few short months ago, I was assured by a liberal friend and (now former) colleague of mine that the world hated us because of the eeeeevil policies of George W. Bush and if we elected Senator Obama to be our next president, the world would be our best friend again.

Utter piffle, I said at the time.

I win.

Via Powerline.

The Complete Idiot's Guide To Gaza

If outlaw banditos had somehow wrested control of the Baja Peninsula and were launching hundreds of stinger missiles into classy San Diego would you or your crunchy friend really wait around for UN monitors or France to mitigate the United States military's right to respond after your precious yoga studio was incinerated?

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Hanson: Creepy Times

As usual, VDH speaks for me, and better than I could:
There is something especially nauseating about the latest Middle East war — scenes of worldwide Islamic protests with photos of Jews as apes, protesters (in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida of all places!) screaming about nuking Israel and putting Jews in ovens, parades of children dressed up with suicide vests and fake rockets, near constant anti-Semitic vicious sloganeering, Gaza mosques stuffed with rockets to be used against civilians — all to be collated with creepy Hamas rhetoric about the annihilation of Israel. This is the world in which we now live.

Almost no other issue in recent memory has illustrated the moral bankruptcy of much of the international community. Hamas has no pretensions, like the PA, of being a governing authority; it used violence to rout the PA and then bragged that its charter pledging the destruction of Israel remained unchanged. Israel evacuated Gaza; Gazans in response looted their own infrastructure, alienated both the PA and Egypt,and then sent off more than 6,000 rockets against Israeli civilians, while eagerly becoming a terrorist puppet of theocratic Iran.

Nothing could be more clear: either the fact that a constitutional republic was trying to avoid civilian casualties while a terrorist organization was intent on killing Jewish civilians as it used its own citizens as shields to protect mostly young male terrorists; or the world's craven reaction to all this.

Again all very creepy — the stuff of Tolkien's Mordor. It is now clear that the so-called and much praised "international community," the hallowed U.N., the revered EU, all pretty much are indifferent to the survival of a democratic Israel, or are actively supportive of its terrorist Hamas enemy. Only the U.S. (for now) stands by a constitutional state in its war against a murderous terrorist clique, with annhilation its aim and religous fascism its creed.
This is, of course, the same "international community" to which American liberals seek to abdicate our sovereignty.

The Brits Are Way Ahead of Us

In the absurd political-correctness department, that is.

A new school built in Sheffield will not be called a "school."  Because "school" has negative connotations that might stifle the precious young ones.  Rather, the school will be called a "place for learning."

We've come a long way from the days of the famous British stiff upper lip.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Why I Struggled With Physics


A new poll by the Military Times supports the notion -- unsurprising to me -- that U.S. troops are ambivalent about their soon-to-be Commander-in-Chief.

This is unsurprising not simply because the military tends to be more politically conservative than the citizenry-at-large, but for eminently practical reasons. Recall:
In a strange video address intended to somehow reassure American voters regarding his military bona fides, Senator Obama ends up doing just the opposite.

Among other things, he promises to cut “tens of billions of dollars” from the military budget, at a time when our armed forces are already stretched and in need of new weapon technologies and armor; to “cut investments in unproven missile defense systems,” which in reality have already proven remarkably effective; that he “will not weaponize space” even though other nations such as China do exactly that; to terminate the Iraq war just as the surge proves itself remarkably successful; and he rails against what he calls “unnecessary” military spending. He concludes by promising to remove our inter-continental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) from what he calls a “hair-trigger alert,” embarrassing himself via his ignorance regarding our deliberate targeting and launch protocol.

Most alarmingly, however, Senator Obama literally promises to “slow development of future combat systems.”

Think about the frightening implications of this pledge for a moment.

Future combat systems are the cornerstone of American military modernization and superiority. As America fights the war on terror and deters potential military aggression by rogue nations cross the world, advanced combat systems provide us with better equipment, unmatched situational awareness and communication systems that result in American battlefield domination. Other ascendant nations such as China and Russia seek to match our prowess, but we continue to outpace them.

Current examples include constantly-evolving satellite technology that allows us to pinpoint and eliminate the enemy, unmanned drones that promise amazing advances in battlefield safety and effectiveness, bunker-buster weapons that penetrate deep into the caves in which remote terrorists hide and communications systems that allow lightning-quick troop deployment and rescue missions. Not only do these cutting-edge combat systems allow us to prevail against our enemies, they ultimately protect the lives and health of our troops, just as they protect us.

Despite this, Senator Obama bizarrely pledges to jeopardize our battlefield superiority.

Imagine previous Presidents pledging, as Senator Obama foolishly does, to “slow development of future combat systems.” No more stealth aircraft, which allowed our pilots to penetrate Saddam Hussein’s complex air defense systems with near-impunity. No more precision-guided weaponry, which provide extreme precision and greatly reduce harm to non-combatants. No more Strategic Defense Initiative, which forced Mikhail Gorbachev’s negotiating hand and helped end the Cold War. None of the advanced naval systems that have allowed America’s navy to rule the seas for decades. No P-51 Mustangs or B-29 Superfortresses, which resulted in American air superiority that crippled Germany and Japan during World War II. The examples are endless.

Also important is the fact that members of the military overwhelmingly believe in their mission, including the surge in Iraq, both of which Obama has ridiculed and grossly misjudged. (He was certain the surge would make things worse . . . before he called it an "obvious" success.)

Fortunately, our armed forces respect the Office of the President, and they will do their constitutional duty. I don't see any reason to believe Obama taking the reins will, in and of itself, damage morale or combat effectiveness. But if Obama follows through on pledges he made before the election (see above), expect both. Let's hope this is yet another area in which Obama's policy of "Change" translates into "Business as Usual."

Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year, Old News

I'm always remiss to jump on labeling the EVIL LIBERAL MEDIA as such — except where matters Clintonian are concerned — but my hangover-palsied fingers could only channel surf as far as CNN this fine, first day in the Year of Change.™ As of this writing we enter hour infinity of CNN's informed blitz of dead and suffering Palestinian kids with zero mention of Oh-By-The-Way-Hamas-Puts-Their-CentComs-In-Apartment-Buildings-So-When-Their-Clerics-Are-Targeted-And-Blown-To-Kingdom-Fuck-Everyone's-A-Martyr (NAMBLA).
"An airstrike also hit the Gaza City home of senior Hamas military operative Nabil Amrin, causing weaponry stored inside to explode... Since Israel launched the bombing campaign Saturday, Palestinian medical sources say at least 400 people, including 42 children, have been killed."
Correction: Hamas puts their commands, kids and BOMBS under one roof. The ultimate efficiency apartment.

I ♥ CNN.